Past the First Day


Spent most of the day riding around the island with Lolly, Keni, and cousins. The first time you visit the island (or maybe even the first time you visit after a long absence) it’s always interesting to do the superficial tour…a run through of fort and fudge, alongside the horses and the hoards of others here for the day.

Yet having a deeper connection…family who have lived here through generations, year-round, I’ve heard too many stories of the off-season, when quiet settles in, to be satisfied with the surface…the artificial attractions…the fancy facade that veils the naked beauty, the centeredness of this place. To find that, you have to look deeper, get away from the crowds. Travel along the island’s shores and listen to the crashing waves from the west. Reach up into the interior, along forest paths and feel the souls of those who walked here 400 years before.

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