Backing Up Time


The girls took off with their cousins to explore on their own today. Generally game to wander with me, they sometimes find themselves at a different point in the journey…and they take different roads. Gil and I are alone to pretend we’re young again.

We started off exploring the cemetery. As many times as we’ve been here, we never managed to make it past the few familiar family plots outside of the post cemetery. It was nice to make new disciveries. After a time in the Protestant side talking to an older summer resident who remembered Gil as a kid, we worked our way across the Catholic side, reading older stones. Ignace Pelott and family are buried just 85 feet to the southeast of where Gil’s mom’s immediate family lay. In that plot is the grave of Dianne’s grandmother, Sophie. Just this morning Kathleen had mentioned that she hadn’t been able to connect the Cadotte and Basinau lines, despite rumors that we were related twice over. She has made a connection to Lapines. There at the Pelott site is the Lapine connection to Fishers.

We’ve mostly piddled (or more accurately, peddled) around the rest of the afternoon. I always like the backroads and beaches best.

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