Back in 1964, having just learned to talk, I decided “hattie” (a derivative of my last name–Hatton) was an essential part of me. In those days, I collected rocks and sticks in a big brown paper bag (my mother claims she could pick me out, from a distance, my bag in hand amid the other toddlers). Some things are prophetic, I guess. I still collect things…tangible and intangible, items and ideas. And then I organize them (that would be the librarian in me, who was also born at an early age, pasting pinking shear cut pockets in all my books for dolls and friends to check out). ┬áSometimes I just hold onto them…and sometimes I create something more from the pieces I have found. For me, life is about holding onto the past, and reaching out to the future, respecting where you’ve been, and working to make a mark on the places you happen to be right now.

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